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Is there a switch for “making sense” ?

By Elena Galaktionova Elena Galaktionova sent us this article shortly before she passed away earlier this year. Foreword by Cornelius Pillen Elena Galaktionova received her first introduction to mathematics from her favorite middle school teacher in Minsk, Belarus, her hometown. … Continue reading

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Some thoughts about epsilon and delta

By Ben Blum-Smith, Contributing Editor The calculus has a very special place in the 20th century’s traditional course of mathematical study. It is a sort of fulcrum: both the summit toward which the whole secondary curriculum strives, and the fundamental … Continue reading

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Striking the Balance Between Examples and Proof

By Elise Lockwood, Contributing Editor, Oregon State University. As an undergraduate, it was easy for me to assume that as my professors conducted mathematical research, beautiful, complete proofs came to them in moments of epiphany. Their work was mysterious to … Continue reading

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