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Interactive Images—Pictures for the Mind’s Eye

By Judah L. Schwartz, Harvard University a step in the direction of enhancing mathematical insight for teachers and the students they teach What is the real value of interactive manipulable mathematics software? Many educators see value in hands-on learning. To … Continue reading

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Teaching Mathematics Conceptually: An Example

By Roger Howe I have been worrying a lot about mathematics education for over a quarter century now. While many university mathematicians who get involved in mathematics education focus on the need for new teaching methods, I have been drawn … Continue reading

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Some recent writers on mathematics education have been talking about mathematics as a field enjoying ’unearned privilege’ as a ‘gatekeeper’ in our society.  The more I think about it, the less sense this makes. For some writers, the reference may … Continue reading

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Reflections on Teaching for Mathematical Creativity

By Gail Tang (University of La Verne), Emily Cilli-Turner (University of La Verne), Milos Savic (University of Oklahoma), Houssein El Turkey (University of New Haven), Mohamed Omar (Harvey Mudd College), Gulden Karakok (University of Northern Colorado, Greeley), and Paul Regier … Continue reading

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Sense-Making and Making Sense

There’s an old slogan, probably due to Seymour Papert: “You can’t think about thinking unless you think about thinking about something.” Sense making is about the habits and practices used to understand mathematics, and making sense is about applying those practices to a particular structuring of mathematics itself.

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A Physicist’s Lament

By Judah L. Schwartz, Harvard University From whence this blog Nearly twenty years ago Paul Lockhart wrote a brilliant essay, A Mathematician’s Lament[1], on the parlous state of mathematics education. In it, Lockhart laments that mathematics education does not celebrate … Continue reading

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Illuminating skills learned from teaching

By: Mary Beisiegel, Oregon State University This past spring, I received an email from a graduate student who was concerned about applying for jobs in industry. The student wrote: “I’m having a difficult time trying to market my teaching experience. … Continue reading

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Ideas under construction: children saying what they know

Alli entered kindergarten quite skilled at mental addition and proud of her skill. Subtraction followed quickly. Near the end of her kindergarten year, Alli bounced into class and said that her father had taught her about negative numbers. To assure … Continue reading

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Mathematical Practices

My work and that of my colleagues at Education Development Center has always put mathematical thinking—the habits of mind that are indigenous to our discipline—at the core of our work with teachers. What we’ve learned from expert teachers has led … Continue reading

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Greetings to all readers of the AMS Blog on Teaching and Learning Mathematics! As editor for this blog for the coming year, I would like to invite you to continue its lively and meaningful conversation, of the quality that has … Continue reading

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