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Mastery Grading for Future Elementary School Teachers

By Emily McMillon and George Nasr (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) We—Emily McMillon and George Nasr—are graduate students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. We implemented mastery based testing for two sections of a course on geometry for pre-service elementary teachers during the … Continue reading

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Remote proctoring: a failed experiment in control

By Ben Blum-Smith, Contributing Editor Due to the global health crisis, a huge amount of instruction that was happening in person a year ago is now happening online. One theme highlighted by this change is the question of control. When … Continue reading

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Bridging Cultures: An Iranian Woman from an Historically Black College Teaching in a Prison in the US

by Zeinab Bandpey ( Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD 21251 Prisoners are provided with a college education so that when they are released, they will adjust easily to society and won’t return to prison. I was fascinated by the idea … Continue reading

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Pedagogical implications of Mathematics as the art of giving the same name to different things

by Daniel Chazan, University of Maryland; William Viviani, University of Maryland; Kayla White, Paint Branch High School and University of Maryland In 2012, 100 years after Henri Poincare’s death, the magazine for the members of the Dutch Royal Mathematical Society … Continue reading

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Active Learning and the Transformation of a Graduate Student Instructor

by Sarah Hagen Recently as a graduate student I taught a week-long boot camp for incoming mathematics graduate students at Oregon State University. It was my first foray into teaching under the active learning model and it was a completely … Continue reading

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Starting Earlier on Lifelong Learning

By: Matt Stamps, Yale-NUS College When Yale-NUS College reviewed the curriculum for its Mathematical, Computational, and Statistical (MCS) Sciences major in the autumn of 2018, I spent several weeks reading about mathematics programs at similar institutions.  A common learning objective … Continue reading

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Square peg in an octagonal hole

Interview with Ari Nieh, with commentary from Yvonne Lai Like many of us, I began teaching online this Spring. Unlike many of us, I began doing so at the start of the semester. I am co-teaching a class at Michigan … Continue reading

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The Dysfunction of Functions in Abstract Algebra

Kathleen Melhuish & Kristen Lew Texas State University “[Functions] are completely different, which is what makes this course so challenging.” – Abstract Algebra Student Functions are hard for students, even students in abstract algebra courses. Even if students have seen … Continue reading

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Action is the antidote to despair

By: Steven Klee, Seattle University After my day-to-day interactions with students, one of my favorite things about teaching is talking with other teachers.  There is no shortage of amazing teachers who are working hard to make their classes better and … Continue reading

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Understanding in Calculus: Beyond the “Sliding Tangent Line”

By: Natalie Hobson, Sonoma State University If you give calculus students graphs, they are going to draw tangent lines. As instructors we often encourage students to rely on tangent lines so heavily that discussions about rates of change become lessons … Continue reading

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