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The Calculus of Context

by Yvonne Lai (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) It is 2020. You are taking a high school mathematics teacher licensure exam. Suppose you see these questions. What do you do? What do you think? (Warning: Your head may spin. These are not … Continue reading

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Square peg in an octagonal hole

Interview with Ari Nieh, with commentary from Yvonne Lai Like many of us, I began teaching online this Spring. Unlike many of us, I began doing so at the start of the semester. I am co-teaching a class at Michigan … Continue reading

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Help! I need to teach my course online and I’ve never done this before

By: Yvonne Lai, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Ray Levy, Mathematical Association of America This is cross-posted in MathValues and Abbe Herzig has written a companion post. Additional resources and future meetings are also available here: In times of crisis we … Continue reading

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Teaching math in prison

By: Kristin Pfabe, Nebraska Wesleyan University “I am sad this class is going to be over,” said one student. “What am I going to do with myself?” asked another during the last week of an Intermediate Algebra class that I … Continue reading

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