About this Blog

If you are new to our blog, the editorial board suggests reading our year in review articles. Around once each year, one of the editors writes a short recap summarizing the contents of the blog since the previous review. If you are interested in browsing through our articles, these are the best place to start! All articles published on this blog are written either by the editors or by a contributing author following an invitation from the editorial board.  All articles published on this blog go through an editorial review/revision process prior to publication. We typically publish 24 articles per year. The goal for this blog is to stimulate reflection and dialogue by providing mathematicians with high-quality commentary and resources regarding teaching and learning. Because there is no simple solution to the challenges facing mathematics education, this blog will serve as a big tent, giving voice to multiple contributors representing a wide range of ideas.  Contributions will include practical “teaching tips,” commentary on current mathematics education research, discussions of social/curricular educational policy, and more. Our focus will include both postsecondary and PreK-12 education, because mathematics education does not abruptly stop and start anew as students make institutional transitions.  Issues that affect both high- and low-achieving students will be addressed, as well as issues that affect students who are minoritized in their mathematical communities.  We welcome ideas for posts and pointers to interesting materials or events; please feel free to add your contributions in the comments. For more information, listen as AMS Public Awareness Officer Mike Breen interviews founding Editor-in-Chief Benjamin Braun about math education and how this blog was created.