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Our Students Are Your Students Are Our Students: a University-Community College Collaboration

By Ivette Chuca, El Paso Community College; Art Duval, Contributing Editor, University of Texas at El Paso; and Kien Lim, University of Texas at El Paso Every year, at the beginning of the school year, a group of about two … Continue reading

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The Crisis in American Education

  The Crisis in American Education John Ewing American education is in crisis… I’m told. Want evidence? Look on the Internet. Search for “education crisis in America” and you will find millions of articles, essays, and (yes) blogs, all describing, … Continue reading

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Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Teaching, and Purpose

By Victor Piercey, Ferris State University As a graduate student working in algebraic geometry, I was often star struck at the impressive speakers who attended the local seminars I frequented.  While many of these memories are faded and vague, one … Continue reading

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