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Mathematical Education of Teachers, Part I: What is Textbook School Mathematics?

By Hung-Hsi Wu This two-part series is a partial summary of the longer paper, Textbook School Mathematics and the preparation of mathematics teachers. School mathematics education has been national news for at least two decades. The debate over the adoption … Continue reading

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Mathematics Professors and Mathematics Majors’ Expectations of Lectures in Advanced Mathematics

By Keith Weber, associate professor of Mathematics Education at Rutgers’ Graduate School of Education. Dr. Weber is one of the faculty in Rutgers’ Proof Comprehension Research Group. Introduction The advanced proof-oriented courses for mathematics majors are typically taught in a lecture … Continue reading

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Community, Professional Advice, and Exposure to New Ideas at the Carleton Summer Mathematics Program

By: Sarah Blackwell, mathematics major, Saint Louis University; Rose Kaplan-Kelly, mathematics major, Bryn Mawr College; and Lilly Webster, mathematics major, Grinnell College Editor’s note: The editorial board believes that in our discussion of teaching and learning, it is important to include the authentic … Continue reading

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