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Helping Students Gain Control in Developmental and First-Year College Mathematics Courses

By A. Gwinn Royal, Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana Currently, I am focusing on mitigating “learned helplessness” with respect to the study of mathematics. According to an article on the APA website (, newer research on learned helplessness suggests … Continue reading

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Interactive Images—Pictures for the Mind’s Eye

By Judah L. Schwartz, Harvard University a step in the direction of enhancing mathematical insight for teachers and the students they teach What is the real value of interactive manipulable mathematics software? Many educators see value in hands-on learning. To … Continue reading

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Teaching Mathematics Conceptually: An Example

By Roger Howe I have been worrying a lot about mathematics education for over a quarter century now. While many university mathematicians who get involved in mathematics education focus on the need for new teaching methods, I have been drawn … Continue reading

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