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Is there a switch for “making sense” ?

By Elena Galaktionova Elena Galaktionova sent us this article shortly before she passed away earlier this year. Foreword by Cornelius Pillen Elena Galaktionova received her first introduction to mathematics from her favorite middle school teacher in Minsk, Belarus, her hometown. … Continue reading

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Helping Students Gain Control in Developmental and First-Year College Mathematics Courses

By A. Gwinn Royal, Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana Currently, I am focusing on mitigating “learned helplessness” with respect to the study of mathematics. According to an article on the APA website (, newer research on learned helplessness suggests … Continue reading

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Learning to Be Less Helpful

FREDERICK PECK University of Montana, Missoula   Dan Meyer is as close as we can get to a rock star in the world of mathematics education. These days, Dan is known for many things: 3-act tasks, 101 Q’s, Desmos, NCTM’s … Continue reading

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Comparing Educational Philosophies

I have recently heard several mathematicians claim that the educational philosophies of Math Circles and the Inquiry Learning Community are essentially the same. I disagree. I will contrast the differences between these two approaches, along with two other common educational … Continue reading

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