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Learning to Be Less Helpful

FREDERICK PECK University of Montana, Missoula   Dan Meyer is as close as we can get to a rock star in the world of mathematics education. These days, Dan is known for many things: 3-act tasks, 101 Q’s, Desmos, NCTM’s … Continue reading

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Sense-Making and Making Sense

There’s an old slogan, probably due to Seymour Papert: “You can’t think about thinking unless you think about thinking about something.” Sense making is about the habits and practices used to understand mathematics, and making sense is about applying those practices to a particular structuring of mathematics itself.

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A Physicist’s Lament

By Judah L. Schwartz, Harvard University From whence this blog Nearly twenty years ago Paul Lockhart wrote a brilliant essay, A Mathematician’s Lament[1], on the parlous state of mathematics education. In it, Lockhart laments that mathematics education does not celebrate … Continue reading

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