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Finding Pedagogy in Recreational Problem Solving: reflections and lessons learned

Posted on January 4, 2022 by msaul By Dimitrios Roxanas A few years ago, when I started my tenured job at the University of Sheffield, one of my first initiatives was to start a problem solving seminar for students (undergraduate and graduate) and … Continue reading

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Online learning in the time of Coronavirus: Tips for students and the instructors who support them

Abbe Herzig, AMS Director of Education In the midst of the upheaval due to the Coronavirus, students and faculty are transitioning to new virtual classrooms. Many of us haven’t chosen to learn or teach, but here we are, making the … Continue reading

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What math professors and k-12 teachers think of each other

By Michael Pershan, St. Ann’s School I. What do primary/secondary math educators think of the teaching that happens in colleges? And — the other way around — what do mathematics professors think of primary and secondary math teaching? I’m nearing … Continue reading

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The Third Year of “On Teaching and Learning Mathematics”

By Benjamin Braun, Editor-in-Chief, University of Kentucky Summer 2017 brought the third anniversary of On Teaching and Learning Mathematics and with it our annual review of the articles we have published since our previous year in review article. Over the … Continue reading

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Creating Momentum Through Communicating Mathematics

By Matthias Beck, San Francisco State University, and Brandy Wiegers, Central Washington University Given five minutes, can you turn to the person next to you and describe your research? How about over 15 minutes in front of a class of … Continue reading

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