MathSciNet demos at ICIAM 2019

Banner logo for ICIAM 2019, July 25-19, Valencia, Spain

Besides free MathSciNet at ICIAM in Valencia, it is possible to have demos of how to use MathSciNet. Continue reading

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ICIAM Prize Winners

King Felipe of Spain with mathematicians at ICIAM 2019The winners of the ICIAM prizes were announced earlier. Here are links to their Author Profile Pages in MathSciNet.  At the opening ceremony for ICIAM, they received their prizes from Felipe VI of Spain, who then came out to the coffee break to meet with the mathematicians. Continue reading

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Math Reviews at ICIAM 2019

Banner Logo of ICIAM 2019

Mathematical Reviews will be at the ICIAM in Valencia next week, July 15-19.  Naturally, we will be at the AMS booth, which is at locations 7, 8, and 9 in the Exhibit Area.

The AMS is sponsoring some extras at the coffee break on Tuesday, July 16, from 16:30 to 17:00 in the Exhibit Area.  Stop by then – or any other time.

As with other important meetings, we have arranged for free access to MathSciNet at the conference sites and most of the affiliated hotels.  You won’t need to do anything special, other than to connect using the internet or wifi service of the conference sites or hotels.

We hope to see you in Valencia next week!

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Journal Profile Pages

An oil-painting portrait of a woman in profile. Specifically, Mrs. John Montresor (Frances Tucker Montresor), painted by John Singleton Copley. Property of the U.S. State Department (public domain). Photograph by the author. We have recently updated the Journal Profile Pages in MathSciNet to present the amazing information we have about the many journals Mathematical Reviews covers.  Whenever possible, we offer graphical formats for the data, as well as tables.  The Mathematical Reviews Database contains considerable information about the research mathematics literature.  Consequently, the database contains considerable information about the research journals, which is now at your fingertips! Continue reading

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For reviewers: review history

A glowing letter "H" for historyWe have added a feature for our reviewers:  an automatic listing of your review history. One of the most common requests we receive from our reviewers is for a list of their reviews that have been published on MathSciNet.  Now you can access such a list directly from your reviewer home page. And, this works whether or not you are connected to a subscription to MathSciNet. Continue reading

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Math Reviews News: II

Logo of the Notices of the American Mathematical SocietyMy second column appears in the May 2019 issue of the Notices of the American Mathematical Society.  The article talks about reviewers – the thousands of people who put the “Reviews” in “Mathematical Reviews”!  Besides giving some general information, there are some interesting facts about reviewers, including lists of prolific reviewers.  I would say more here, but I hope you will read the article.


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My Favorite Theorem – from an Associate Editor at Mathematical Reviews

A recent installment of the My Favorite Theorem podcast
by Kevin Knudson and Evelyn Lamb features Ursula Whitcher,
who is an Associate Editor at Mathematical Reviews.
Listen to the interview here.



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Karen Uhlenbeck wins the 2019 Abel Prize

Official announcement of Abel Prize being awarded to Karen UhlenbeckKaren Uhlenbeck is being awarded the 2019 Abel Prize.  It is a remarkable award for a remarkable mathematician.  Uhlenbeck did fundamental work in a quickly developing area of mathematics at an early stage of its development.  I was a graduate student when some of her significant papers were coming out.  There were quite a few people trying to understand her results and her techniques, diving deep into the difficult analysis she was unleashing on geometric problems.  Geometric analysts have long recognized Uhlenbeck’s contributions.  It is nice to see Uhlenbeck and her work recognized more widely with the Abel Prize.   Continue reading

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MathSciNet – two small changes

The word "TWEAK"

There are two small new changes to MathSciNet®: Search by DOI and Sort by Number of Authors. Continue reading

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Math Reviews News

Logo of the AMS NoticesMy first column appears in the February 2019 issue of the Notices of the American Mathematical Society.  The article considers the mathematics literature from the perspective of Mathematical Reviews.  Some themes that have appeared in this blog are covered in the article, but with more detail: the literature is growing; it is complicated; bibliometrics are not a panacea; the right way to understand the literature is to engage with it, preferably with the help of experts.  The column is scheduled to appear quarterly.

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