Are math papers getting longer?

A page of nonsenseAt the September 2021 meeting of the AMS Committee on Publications, Nick Trefethen asked whether Mathematical Reviews has seen an increase in the average length of papers that come through for indexing in MathSciNet.  I had not thought about that question, and there isn’t an easy query for page length in the Math Reviews database.  During the overnight break, I looked into the data for Transactions of the American Mathematical Society. Afterwards, I looked at two more journals, Mathematics of Computation and Annals of Mathematics. Continue reading

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Lathisms $\cap$ Math Reviews = Andrés Caicedo!

LathismsLathisms was founded in 2016 to showcase the contributions of Latinx and Hispanic mathematicians, especially during Hispanic Heritage Month, which is celebrated in the United States from September 15 and October 15 every year.  The featured mathematician for September 27, 2021, is Andrés Caicedo, an Associate Editor at Mathematical Reviews.  The link to their profile of Andrés is here. The profile is also available as a poster. Continue reading

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Winners of the 2022 Breakthrough Prizes in Mathematics

Breakthrough Prize LogoThe winners of the 2022 Breakthrough Prizes have been announced.  There are eight recipients in mathematics:  Takuro Mochizuki, Aaron Brown, Sebastian Hurtado Salazar, Jack Thorne, Jacob Tsimerman, Sarah Peluse, Hong Wang, and Yilin Wang.

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Computing Digits of $\pi$

A bit more than 500 digits of PiResearchers at the Fachhochschule Graubünden in Switzerland have announced the latest record for the number of digits of $\pi$ that have been computed. They have computed roughly 62.8 trillion digits using a supercomputer. Continue reading

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Yoshimura Crush Patterns

Ceramic mugs in the shape of a Yoshimura crease patternOne of the signature moves of the John Belushi character in the movie Animal House is Belushi crushing an aluminum can against his forehead.  The shape of the crushed can presents an interesting problem in material science, which has a nice mathematical component. For perfectly symmetrically crushed cans, the shapes are known as Yoshimura Crush PatternsContinue reading

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Cicadas in MathSciNet

Photo of a Brood X cicada

Photo: Michigan Department of Natural Resources

The cicadas of Brood X have emerged throughout much of the eastern United States.  In certain areas of Ann Arbor, Michigan, where Mathematical Reviews is  physically located, they have become quite loud.   They belong to the genus Magicicada of periodical cicadas that emerge either in 13-year cycles or in 17-year cycles.  The cycle lengths are prime numbers, which makes mathematicians wonder why.

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Geography and MathSciNet / Mathematical Reviews

Masthead / logo of the Notices of the AMS

My latest column of Math Reviews News is in the April issue of the Notices of the AMS. Using information we have in the database, I look at various geographical considerations connected to MathSciNet or to mathematics publishing more generally: reviewers by country; publications by country; journals by country.  Please have a look: Geography and MathSciNet / Mathematical Reviews, Math Reviews News, Notices of the American Mathematical Society, April 2021.



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MathSciNet at 25 – A Special Collection

MathSciNet® was launched 25 years ago, and soon became recognized as the best way to use the trusted, comprehensive resource for mathematics researchers that started over 80 years ago as Mathematical Reviews.  To celebrate, we are creating a special collection of exceptional reviews: MathSciNet at 25. The first group of 25 selected reviews is given below.  Throughout 2021, we will be adding to the collection.

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New members of the US National Academy of Sciences in MathSciNet

National Academy of Sciences logo
The United States National Academy of Sciences has announced the newest group of members.  Of the 120 newly-elected members, 59 of them are women, the most elected in a single year.  In this post, I’ve gathered the new members whom I could find in MathSciNet, and added links to their author profiles. Continue reading

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MathSciNet, Uzbekistan, and the MDC Program

MathSciNet Logo Flag of Uzbekistan

There is a nice news item on the AMS website about MathSciNet, Uzbekistan, and the MathSciNet for Developing Countries Program, also known as the MDC Program.  In very specific terms, the piece tells how the program has helped the mathematicians in Uzbekistan to have access to MathSciNet, even when it seemed out of reach.  Continue reading

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