Geography and MathSciNet / Mathematical Reviews

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My latest column of Math Reviews News is in the April issue of the Notices of the AMS. Using information we have in the database, I look at various geographical considerations connected to MathSciNet or to mathematics publishing more generally: reviewers by country; publications by country; journals by country.  Please have a look: Geography and MathSciNet / Mathematical Reviews, Math Reviews News, Notices of the American Mathematical Society, April 2021.



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MathSciNet at 25 – A Special Collection

MathSciNet® was launched 25 years ago, and soon became recognized as the best way to use the trusted, comprehensive resource for mathematics researchers that started over 80 years ago as Mathematical Reviews.  To celebrate, we are creating a special collection of exceptional reviews: MathSciNet at 25. The first group of 25 selected reviews is given below.  Throughout 2021, we will be adding to the collection.

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New members of the US National Academy of Sciences in MathSciNet

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The United States National Academy of Sciences has announced the newest group of members.  Of the 120 newly-elected members, 59 of them are women, the most elected in a single year.  In this post, I’ve gathered the new members whom I could find in MathSciNet, and added links to their author profiles. Continue reading

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MathSciNet, Uzbekistan, and the MDC Program

MathSciNet Logo Flag of Uzbekistan

There is a nice news item on the AMS website about MathSciNet, Uzbekistan, and the MathSciNet for Developing Countries Program, also known as the MDC Program.  In very specific terms, the piece tells how the program has helped the mathematicians in Uzbekistan to have access to MathSciNet, even when it seemed out of reach.  Continue reading

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Job Posting – Associate Editor at Mathematical Reviews

Work at Math ReviewsWe are hiring!   We are looking for a new Associate Editor to start as soon as possible in 2021   The job is posted on (of course!).

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A Librarian’s Guide to MathSciNet. A Choice Webinar

Logo for ChoiceThe AMS and EBSCO Information Services  are sponsoring a webinar about MathSciNet for librarians.  It is part of the Choice Webinar Series from the Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association.
Date and Time:  Tuesday, March 23 at 2:00pm (EDT).

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Videos of JMM 2021 MathSciNet demos

video symbol We have uploaded video recordings of MathSciNet demos done at the virtual JMM 2021.

Check them out on YouTube!

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Math in the time of coronavirus

While many businesses have seen significant downturns during the pandemic, several scholarly publishers have reported increases in submissions in the first part of 2020. There are various studies and articles about the phenomenon.  Meanwhile, at Mathematical Reviews, we have not noticed any significant increase in the number of publications in mathematics during 2020.  Note that we count publications and the announcements and studies just mentioned are counting submissions.  In what follows, I look at some data about publications in mathematics in 2020, with comparisons to 2019.  the data come from four sources: Dimensions, Web of Science, the Mathematical Reviews Database, and the arXiv.

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Mathematical Reviews / MathSciNet at virtual JMM – thank you

Header image + logo for JMM 2021Thank you to everyone who came to the demonstrations of MathSciNet as part of JMM 2021.  By rough count, between 150 and 200 people attended the demos!

Here are some links that were distributed in the chats:

We hope to see you all at JMM2022!

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JMM Prizes and Awards 2021

Photo of the World Cup (soccer / football)

Source: Wikimedia

The winners of the prizes and awards associated with the 2021 JMM have been announced.  You can find more information about them in the Prize Booklet.  Below is a list of the prizewinners, with links to their author profiles in MathSciNet.  Some of the winners don’t have author profiles in MathSciNet, such as the journalists Richard Campbell and Rosemary Pennington from Miami University who are receiving the JPBM Communications Award or Lynda Wiest, who has published over 175 books, articles, and chapters on topics in mathematics education, educational equity, and teacher education.  For some others, there is an author profile in MathSciNet, but it only represents a small fraction of their publications, such as Erica Klarreich, who is also receiving the JPBM Communications Award.  Her earliest publications, which are in MathSciNet, are on Kleinian group actions, but the main body of her work is in places like  Quanta Magazine, Nature, New Scientist, and The Atlantic.  If there was no author profile in MathSciNet, the link in the list below is to their webpage.

The prizes and awards represent various bands in the spectrum of the world of mathematics.  There are undergraduates being recognized for their research, as well as senior professors being recognized for lifetime achievement.  Several people are being recognized for broadening mathematics, through communication or diversity efforts.  Some are being recognized for excellence in teaching.  I congratulate the winners.  They represent the many ways that people make the mathematics community better. Continue reading

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