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A short video about MathSciNet

There is a three-minute video about MathSciNet now available online on Vimeo. It is also available as part of a blog post from EBSCO, which mostly discusses Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month and the really neat book Living Proof: Stories … Continue reading

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Today, item number MR4000000 was added to MathSciNet. Hurray!  It is a paper on a local Jacquet-Langlands correspondence by Vincent Sécherre and Shaun Stevens, published in Compositio Mathematica. 

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Math Reviews News

My first column appears in the February 2019 issue of the Notices of the American Mathematical Society.  The article considers the mathematics literature from the perspective of Mathematical Reviews.  Some themes that have appeared in this blog are covered in the article, … Continue reading

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Reviewers are getting a raise

As of January 18, 2016, reviewers will receive 12 AMS Points for each review they submit that is published in MathSciNet.  That’s a 50% raise!  Mathematical Reviews very much appreciates the efforts of our reviewers. We feel quite strongly that good … Continue reading

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Personalizing your author profile: update

Earlier, I wrote a post about updating your Author Profile Page on MathSciNet.  In his most recent newsletter, Donald Knuth makes a nice mention of the profile page, in particular to the full-name and native script feature.  For those of you … Continue reading

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Hello, Adele

There has been a lot of news lately about Adele, which I found very exciting because adeles are important in mathematics.  In number theory, it is helpful to complete the rational numbers (in the sense of topology), since then you … Continue reading

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A playful collection of reviews for Halloween Mathematicians have a special way with language.  For us a manifold is not going to be found attached to the engine of your car.  You would never use a mathematical pole to propel your … Continue reading

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John Urschel, a well-known mathematician you might not have heard of

A recent paper by John Urschel  just came across my desk.  Urschel has three papers in MathSciNet.  The latest is “A cascadic multigrid algorithm for computing the Fiedler vector of graph Laplacians” in the Journal of Computational Mathematics.  Like many of the authors … Continue reading

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