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MathSciNet Webinar Videos

Recently, Michael Jones, the Managing Editor at Mathematical Reviews, gave a webinar about using MathSciNet.  The full-length video (54 minutes) is available from YouTube here.   There are also three excerpts available:  How to Conduct an Author Search (10 minutes), How … Continue reading

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Everything in Its Right Place: An Expert Guide to Searching with MathSciNet, Parts I and II

In the September issue of the Notices Amer. Math. Soc., I have a column that is Part I of a guide to using MathSciNet.  This part focuses on Publications Searches, which are the most common searches.  Part II will be … Continue reading

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For reviewers: review history

We have added a feature for our reviewers:  an automatic listing of your review history. One of the most common requests we receive from our reviewers is for a list of their reviews that have been published on MathSciNet.  Now … Continue reading

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MathSciNet – two small changes

There are two small new changes to MathSciNet®: Search by DOI and Sort by Number of Authors.

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Members Only

Something for Members of the AMS AMS members can sign up for email notifications of newly added items by subject area.  You can select up to three 2-digit Mathematics Subject Classifications.  Then, about once a month, we will send you … Continue reading

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What’s the difference between publications and related publications?

In an author profile on MathSciNet, you will often see two numbers for publications:  Total Publications and Total Related Publications.  What’s the difference?  

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INSPIRE links to MathSciNet

INSPIRE, the information system for high energy physics run by CERN, DESY, Fermilab, SLAC, and IHEP, now has links to the MathSciNet entries for over 86,000 papers in their database.  The linking is only one way (INSPIRE ⇒ MathSciNet). Thanks are … Continue reading

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French Doctoral Theses from the Entre-deux-guerres Period

MathSciNet now has bibliographic information (metadata) for 263 French doctoral theses from the “Between Two Wars Period”: 1913-1947, courtesy of NUMDAM.  The data includes links to the full texts of these theses.  Some notable mathematicians are included in the collection. 

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Update Your Author Profile and receive a free AMS eBook

Authors may update their own author profiles with the native script version of their name, a personal photo, personal email, and URL. For a limited time, authors who update their profiles will receive a free AMS eBook. Complete details will … Continue reading

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Personalizing your author profile: update

Earlier, I wrote a post about updating your Author Profile Page on MathSciNet.  In his most recent newsletter, Donald Knuth makes a nice mention of the profile page, in particular to the full-name and native script feature.  For those of you … Continue reading

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