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Top Ten Lists

As many in the United States know, David Letterman retired from his late-night television show recently.  Among other things, he was known for his Top Ten Lists.   Well, the mathematically inclined do not have to go without, as MathSciNet … Continue reading

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John Nash

As many of you may have heard by now, John Nash died in a car crash while traveling home from Norway where he had just received the Abel Prize.  Here is the obituary in the New York Times.   Most people … Continue reading

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Interview in the AMS Notices: Managing the Math Deluge

Allyn Jackson, senior writer and deputy editor of the AMS Notices, interviewed me not long after I became the Executive Editor of Mathematical Reviews.  That interview is in the May 2015 issue  Allyn and I talked about some of the major issues for Mathematical … Continue reading

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MathSciNet has book reviews

Most of the reviews in MathSciNet are for articles, primarily from journals, but also from proceedings volumes and other collections.  Did you know that we also review books?  A book-length treatment of a subject allows the author to stretch out … Continue reading

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An exceptional review of a paper on algebraic geometry, that touches on a host of topics

There are many ways for an article to be exceptional.  A paper by Goulden, Jackson, and Vakil, introduces an idea (double Hurwitz numbers), establishes some properties, conjectures some more, and connects the idea with several areas of mathematics.  A great review of this … Continue reading

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