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Adding MR links to Wikipedia pages

Wikipedia requires references for statements made in their entries.  If you say something and don’t support it with a citation, it will be flagged.  So you can usually count on a Wikipedia page to have ample references at the end. … Continue reading

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Work at Mathematical Reviews

Mathematical Reviews is hiring!  We are looking for a new Associate Editor to start in spring or summer 2016.  The new editor should have expertise in algebraic geometry, or related areas of mathematics, such as commutative rings and algebras or group theory.  

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Who wrote that?

Much of mathematics is identified with people.  We don’t talk about Algebra, we talk about “Lang”.  We speak of “Feller”, not An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications.  But which Feller is actually this Feller?

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Ron Solomon reviews recent work on finite simple groups

Ron Solomon has been quite involved in the study of finite simple groups and their classification.  He is one of the coauthors of the monumental book series on the subject, which starts with The Classification of the Finite Simple Groups.  Now … Continue reading

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