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A playful collection of reviews for Halloween Mathematicians have a special way with language.  For us a manifold is not going to be found attached to the engine of your car.  You would never use a mathematical pole to propel your … Continue reading

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John Wehausen and his in-depth look at surface waves

 John V. Wehausen was the fifth Executive Editor at Mathematical Reviews, from 1950 to 1956.  Wehausen has connections to the University of Michigan (BS and PhD) and to Brown (instructor), both of which institutions were hosts to Mathematical Reviews at one time or another. … Continue reading

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John Urschel, a well-known mathematician you might not have heard of

A recent paper by John Urschel  just came across my desk.  Urschel has three papers in MathSciNet.  The latest is “A cascadic multigrid algorithm for computing the Fiedler vector of graph Laplacians” in the Journal of Computational Mathematics.  Like many of the authors … Continue reading

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Geometry and Computational Complexity Theory

Mathematics flourishes when ideas from one area of mathematics can be used in another area.  For a long time (certainly since Descartes), algebra has been a great asset to geometry.  In return, geometry has been helpful to algebra, for instance … Continue reading

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David Goss reviews compactifications of Drinfeld period domains

Here is another excellent review, this time from David Goss.  In his review of a paper by Pink and Schieder, Goss gives not just a good description of what’s in the paper, but also tells us about where the results come … Continue reading

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