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Links with the MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive

One of the great – and oldest – resources for mathematics on the web is the MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive.  Before there was Wikipedia, there was MacTutor.  It was founded by two mathematicians, John J. O’Connor and Edmund F. Robertson, both … Continue reading

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Mathematical Moments

The AMS Public Awareness office has a wonderful series of short bursts of mathematics, which are available as posters titled “Mathematical Moments“.  Mike Breen comes up with the topics and writes the texts for the posters.  He also has a knack … Continue reading

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MathOverflow and MathSciNet

Earlier, I posted about adding MR links to Wikipedia pages.  The point of that post was that it was fairly simple to add a link to MathSciNet while editing a Wikipedia page.  In March 2014, Scott Morrison, a MathOverflow user (and … Continue reading

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