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Using MathSciNet at home or on the road

In talking with people who use MathSciNet, I have discovered that there are many features that people don’t know about.  One feature that people often ask about is the ability to use MathSciNet from home or on the road.   Well, this … Continue reading

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People at Mathematical Reviews

Mathematical Reviews is made by people.  A lot of people.  First of all, roughly 17,000 mathematicians are active reviewers.  These people are located all around the world.  From the very beginning, the reviewers, who are part of the mathematical community, … Continue reading

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A good review of a paper on Kähler-Einstein metrics with prescribed singularities

I am glad to be able to use this blog to highlight some of the really good reviews that appear in MathSciNet.  There are many ways for a review to be helpful.  We offer some advice to reviewers in our Guide to … Continue reading

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Welcome to Beyond Reviews, a blog about MathSciNet from the Executive Editor of Mathematical Reviews.  For 75 years, Mathematical Reviews has provided a guide to the mathematical literature and featuring reviews by a community of experts. As this literature continues … Continue reading

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