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AMS members can sign up for email notifications of newly added items by subject area.  You can select up to three 2-digit Mathematics Subject Classifications.  Then, about once a month, we will send you a list of all the items that have been added to the Mathematical Reviews database in those areas in the last month.

This service has existed for years, but many people don’t seem to know about it.  It is the electronic version of Current Mathematical Publications (CMP), hence is known as e-CMP.  The CMP was a printed publication that was meant to give a quick listing of the newest material that had been received at Mathematical Reviews.  When the CMP was started (in 1965), Mathematical Reviews existed only in print form.   Items were only added to the printed Mathematical Reviews volumes once the work was done on them, including the review.  There could be some delay.  So, we started offering a publication of quicker notifications of published items.  As email caught on, we started offering electronic notifications to AMS members.  When Mathematical Reviews went online, it became possible to load bibliographic information about the items without waiting for a review.  Nevertheless, the same email notification service has continued as a member-only benefit. And it is quite handy.

How to activate / modify e-CMP notifications.  Go to the e-CMP information page.  Click on the “Go to e-CMP” link, which will take you to a sign-in page.  Login with the credentials for your AMS membership, and you will come to a screen that looks like this:   Page for activating or updating e-CMP notifications

Pick some subject classes.  Make the changes.  And check your Inbox the first week of every month.

I hope you find this as useful as I do.

About Edward Dunne

I am the Executive Editor of Mathematical Reviews. Previously, I was an editor for the AMS Book Program for 17 years. Before working for the AMS, I had an academic career working at Rice University, Oxford University, and Oklahoma State University. In 1990-91, I worked for Springer-Verlag in Heidelberg. My Ph.D. is from Harvard. I received a world-class liberal arts education as an undergraduate at Santa Clara University.
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  1. Cyprien Saito says:

    Thank you for an invitation very useful for me. I would like to receive this MathSciNet inside information.

    • Edward Dunne says:

      Thank you for your comment. If you want to receive announcements of new posts, you can subscribe using the link in the right-hand column. If you want to subscribe to the e-CMP service, then you just need to follow the instructions in the post.

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