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Update Your Author Profile and receive a free AMS eBook

Authors may update their own author profiles with the native script version of their name, a personal photo, personal email, and URL. For a limited time, authors who update their profiles will receive a free AMS eBook. Complete details will … Continue reading

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Personalizing your author profile: update

Earlier, I wrote a post about updating your Author Profile Page on MathSciNet.  In his most recent newsletter, Donald Knuth makes a nice mention of the profile page, in particular to the full-name and native script feature.  For those of you … Continue reading

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Personalizing your author profile

A key feature of Mathematical Reviews and MathSciNet is our work to identify authors.  (See the earlier post “Who wrote that?”.)  For each author in the database, we create an Author Profile Page.  But did you know you can personalize … Continue reading

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Adding MR links to Wikipedia pages

Wikipedia requires references for statements made in their entries.  If you say something and don’t support it with a citation, it will be flagged.  So you can usually count on a Wikipedia page to have ample references at the end. … Continue reading

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References and Citations

At Mathematical Reviews, we work hard to make sure that our bibliographic data are correct.  We have more than twenty people in our Acquisitions  and Cataloging Departments who verify, verify, verify.  So that you don’t have to repeat our work, we … Continue reading

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Many Ph.D. programs have an arrangement with ProQuest whereby a copy of each dissertation (or Ph.D. thesis) is deposited with ProQuest and made available for ordering.  One way to find them is by going to the ProQuest website.  Another is to … Continue reading

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Top Ten Lists

As many in the United States know, David Letterman retired from his late-night television show recently.  Among other things, he was known for his Top Ten Lists.   Well, the mathematically inclined do not have to go without, as MathSciNet … Continue reading

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Using MathSciNet at home or on the road

In talking with people who use MathSciNet, I have discovered that there are many features that people don’t know about.  One feature that people often ask about is the ability to use MathSciNet from home or on the road.   Well, this … Continue reading

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