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Don’t Count Them Out – Helping Students Successfully Solve Combinatorial Tasks

By Elise Lockwood, Contributing Editor, Oregon State University Introduction Solving counting problems is one of my favorite things to do. I love the challenge of making sense of the problem, the work of correctly modeling what I am trying to … Continue reading

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Connections between Abstract Algebra and High School Algebra: A Few Connections Worth Exploring

by Erin Baldinger, University of Minnesota; Shawn Broderick, Keene State College; Eileen Murray, Montclair State University; Nick Wasserman, Columbia University; and Diana White, Contributing Editor, University of Colorado Denver. Mathematicians often consider knowledge of how algebraic structure informs the nature … Continue reading

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Shredding My (Calculus) Confidence

By A.K. Whitney, journalist.  In 2009, Whitney went back to school to find out, once and for all, if journalists really are as bad at math as they fear they are; her blog about the experience, Mathochism, runs on Medium three days a week. … Continue reading

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