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Some thoughts about epsilon and delta

By Ben Blum-Smith, Contributing Editor The calculus has a very special place in the 20th century’s traditional course of mathematical study. It is a sort of fulcrum: both the summit toward which the whole secondary curriculum strives, and the fundamental … Continue reading

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The Inefficiency of Teaching

By Gavin LaRose, University of Michigan It could be the punchline of a joke that at any given college or university, at some point, the administration will lean on departments to be more “efficient” by teaching classes in larger sections, or … Continue reading

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Recent Reports and Recommendations Related to Courses in the First Two Years of College Study

By Benjamin Braun, Editor-in-Chief, University of Kentucky While one important component of successful teaching and learning is what happens inside the classroom, an equally important component involves decisions made at the administrative level that impact our classroom environments. A challenge … Continue reading

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Shredding My (Calculus) Confidence

By A.K. Whitney, journalist.  In 2009, Whitney went back to school to find out, once and for all, if journalists really are as bad at math as they fear they are; her blog about the experience, Mathochism, runs on Medium three days a week. … Continue reading

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The First Two Years of College Mathematics: Reflections and Highlights from the CBMS Forum

By Diana White, Contributing Editor, University of Colorado Denver In early October, approximately 150 educators and policy makers gathered together in Reston, Virginia for the fifth Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences (CBMS) Forum entitled The First Two Years of College Mathematics: … Continue reading

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