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Adapting Problems to Improve their Groupworthiness

In my last blog post, I discussed the importance of using groupworthy tasks with your students.  For a task to be groupworthy, it should satisfy three criteria: interdependence (the task is mathematically rich enough that students have to work together), … Continue reading

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The Role of Generalization in Advanced Mathematical Thinking

Generalization and abstraction both play an important role in the minds of mathematics students as they study higher-level concepts. In the second chapter of the Springer book Advanced Mathematical Thinking, Tommy Dreyfus defines generalization as the derivation or induction from something particular to something … Continue reading

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A Fresh Slice of π

Almost anyone in the math world will know that today is π Day. Every year on March  14, the date reads 3/14, the first 3 digits of our favorite constant.  It may be an irrational holiday, but it is about … Continue reading

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Overcoming the Challenges of Grad School: An International Student’s Perspective

As a graduate student in mathematics, I would like to tell you my story about the major challenges that I have faced during my graduate studies in mathematics and how I overcame these challenges to make my success happen. First of … Continue reading

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Teaching Calculus: Two Handy Techniques

In my five years of teaching calculus, I’ve noticed that students often struggle with partial fractions and integration by parts. Therefore, here are two alternative methods I use that are faster and easier than the traditional methods that most authors … Continue reading

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