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Legendre’s Conjecture

Adrien-Marie Legendre (1752-1833), known for important concepts such as the Legendre polynomials and Legendre transformation, states that given an integer n > 0, there exists a prime number, p, between and , or alternatively, .  This conjecture constitutes one of … Continue reading

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Proofs from The Book

I recently came across an article on Stack Exchange that asks readers what proofs they think other mathematicians should know and why. There are 23 answers on the post (it is a closed question now unfortunately) with many different proof suggestions. This reminded me of … Continue reading

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Mathematics Videos

I ran across a neat video by Jonathan Rogness that Manil Suri shared on his Twitter feed. It is a video that talks about Möbius Transformations and what they are. It also introduces the idea of going into the next … Continue reading

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How to Fall in Love With Math – Manil Suri

Recently I saw a Tweet by @nytimes of an article by Manil Suri (shown to the left). How to fall in love with math: — The New York Times (@nytimes) September 17, 2013 This article really makes the point that … Continue reading

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A Call for Editors

Are you a graduate students in mathematics? Do you like to read, write, and learn about mathematics? If you answered yes to these questions, perhaps you would be a good editor for the AMS Graduate Student Blog. Email Tyler Clark … Continue reading

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