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Khan Kerfuffle

A previous blog post by Brian Katz shares his experience with the Khan Academy. He breaks down his review into two sections: the videos and exercises which comprise the site. His post describes the videos of Salman “Sal” Khan as … Continue reading

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Save Time With Software Libraries

Do you know a programming language? Do you think you will have to learn one for your research? As a former software developer, I have a few opinons on the subject. First, in line with my general teaching philosophy, I … Continue reading

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New AMS Graduate Student Blog Flyer

Thanks to Colin Swanson and everyone in the graphic arts department at the AMS for working to create a new flyer for the blog. Click the image to the right to download a PDF version of the flyer. Feel free … Continue reading

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Wrath of Khan?

By now, you’ve probably heard of the Khan Academy. It started as a few youtube videos that offered help on math homework and it’s grown to a phenomenon that caught the attention (and money) of Bill Gates. Most of us … Continue reading

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Random Sample = All ?

In some situations, one person might desire to know something about some other people, whether it be the amount of money they make, the number of books they have read, the percentage of them who buy a certain product, or … Continue reading

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