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Outreach of Mathematician

Outreach for a mathematics department as any activity that enhances the teaching and learning of mathematics outside the department, in particular in K–12 education and community colleges. Undoubtedly, most math department have such program, and many graduate students have involved in it. It’s not … Continue reading

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Please Help: A Survey on the Mathematical Experience

Luke Wolcott is a recent PhD graduate and previous member of the editorial board of this blog. He is currently working on a postdoc project and could use our help. Please see Luke’s note below. As a side project during … Continue reading

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What’s the Big Data?

The first time I heard about big data was April 1st, the “fool’s day”, while I was drinking coffee, and reading the SIAM newspaper. I was attracted by a report about a meeting of the SIAM Committee on Science Policy (December … Continue reading

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Odd Perfect Numbers: Do They Exist?

Mathematical inquiry can often lead to a jungle of unique questions and problems.  In the field of Number Theory, there are a wide assortment of such mathematical creatures.  Although these problems are easy to state, they can remain dormant for … Continue reading

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The Infinitude of Mersenne Primes

A mystery in mathematics is the driving force of a mathematician’s ambition.  The thought of discovering something unique and far-reaching brings excitement that demands a mix of creative thought and raw logic.   Throughout history, mathematicians with various backgrounds have exploited … Continue reading

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