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Top LaTeX Mistakes

It is very easy to make mistakes when typesetting using LaTeX. John Cook and A.J. Hildebrand list some of my pet peeves. See below for my list.

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Black Friday vs. STEM

I ran across a post by Data Science consultant, Cathy O’Neil, with a chart comparing the number of Google searches done by for Global Warming and Black Friday. You can see Cathy’s thoughts on this at I created my own chart (through … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! First we thank all of our readers for everything. You all are what make the blog a success. We also thank all of the folks at the AMS who help with everything. Thanks also to Dr. Frank Morgan … Continue reading

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Short Interview with Dr. Mike Pinter

I did a short interview with Dr. Mike Pinter, 2012 US Professor of the Year for the state of Tennessee. Here is what he had to say.

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What To Do With a Math Degree

When I tell people I am in grad school for math, I often get the question, “Do you want to teach?”  This is a pretty reasonable response, as a lot of people do go to grad school hoping to become … Continue reading

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