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Maya Sharma is studying for her MS in mathematics at Loyola University Chicago.

Fields Medal 2014

Congratulations to the 2014 Fields Medalists! Every four years, the International Mathematical Union (IMU) awards the Fields Medal to two, three, or four mathematicians under forty, recognizing them for their research and contributions to the discipline. The Fields Medal was … Continue reading

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Presburger Arithmetic: From Model Theory to Mathematical Computing

What good is arithmetic without multiplication? Pretty great, actually! Presburger arithmetic, formally defined as the theory of the natural numbers with addition, is a particularly interesting model of arithmetic. Because it does not formalize multiplication, Presburger arithmetic is relatively weak … Continue reading

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Pi(e) Day Possibilities

Despite the lingering snow, March is here and Pi Day is only a week away! I love Pi Day because it combines three of my favorite things: math, puns, and dessert. Baking a pie is always a fun (and tasty!) way … Continue reading

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Holiday Math

I hope everyone is having a wonderful November—happy holidays, all! I thought it would be fun to share a couple math- and holiday-related links. This month marks a historic overlap between Hanukkah and Thanksgiving, as well as the annual celebration … Continue reading

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Mathematical Mysteries

It’s always fun when things you like intersect, especially when math is involved! One of my favorite shows is CBS’s Elementary, so I was very excited when earlier this month there was a math-themed episode. In the second episode of … Continue reading

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