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By Kareem Carr Autodidactism is the art of self-learning or self-teaching.

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Choosing an advisor: Part trois

by Tom Wright It seems that picking an advisor is a hot topic on this board, so I’m joining in on the fun. However, I’ll do it more from the perspective of what you should look for. Picking an advisor … Continue reading

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Teaching Your Own Class

By Andrew S. Obus Many graduate students will have the opportunity during graduate school to teach their own classes.  Usually this comes after some number of semesters of TAing.  Being wholly responsible for a class brings up many issues that … Continue reading

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Choosing an Advisor: Part Deux

By David Shea Vela-Vick Choosing an academic advisor is never an entirely straightforward process.  It takes a lot of effort find someone who is a good fit both mathematically and personally.  A good choice can lead to some of the … Continue reading

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How to Deal with “I Hate Math”

By Brie Finegold In a recent discussion with a group of graduate and undergraduate students in mathematics, we came to the following conclusions about how to respond to those who tell you “I hate math”, which can seem like a real conversation-stopper if … Continue reading

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