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Campus Interviews: The Money Round

by Tom Wright In the last couple of months, this blog seems to have taken more of a turn toward “ruminations of mathematicians,” so I figured that it was time to shake things up with a good old professional advice … Continue reading

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I Just Have One Question For You….

by Tom Wright Interviews are a funny thing. Every interview is such a different animal – every school is so different, every interviewer has such a different style, everyone responds so differently to the same sorts of statements….and yet, the … Continue reading

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Joint Meetings: Hunting the Wild Job

by Tom Wright In a previous post on this blog, I listed and discussed a number of things not to do during a job search, mostly from the experience of having done them and then later wishing I hadn’t. However, … Continue reading

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If I Could Do It Over, I’d Make The Same Mistakes All Over Again

Andrew Obus’ post on how to do a job search inspired me to do my own post on how not to do a job search. As most are probably aware, the market was unkind last year, to the point where small schools were getting hundreds of applicants for one-year positions offered in April and May. I was one of the semi-fortunate ones, getting a one year position in late-April; of course, this means that I’ll be back on the market this year. The good news is that this year, I’m armed with all of the information I learned from mistakes that I made or that friends made. Here, I’ve listed some of the bigger ones.

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Choosing an advisor: Part trois

by Tom Wright It seems that picking an advisor is a hot topic on this board, so I’m joining in on the fun. However, I’ll do it more from the perspective of what you should look for. Picking an advisor … Continue reading

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