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Math Appreciation

When did you realize that you wanted to study math? Some of my friends knew when they were little kids. One of my professors knew in grade school. I didn’t know until my first year of undergrad.

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Geogebra and TikZ

I have been working on Geogebra files for the classes for which I TA (precalculus and trig). During this time, I discovered that Geogebra has an option to export to Tikz code. If you aren’t familiar with it, Tikz is … Continue reading

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Top 30 Grad School Blogs

The AMS Graduate Student Blog was named in the list of Top 30 Grad School Blogs of 2012 by The Best Master’s Degrees. Without the support of our readers, we would not be able to achieve such accomplishments. Thanks so … Continue reading

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AMS Feedback

Beth Ayer, web editor for the AMS, has put together a form seeking feedback from mathematics students about student web/social media use,’s resources for students, and overall effectiveness. The form can be accessed at Please take a moment to … Continue reading

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New Semester

Since my last post before the JMM in January, I’ve begun a new semester.  My goals are ambitious, as I am taking two course, finding an advisor for my Master’s thesis, and starting a new blog. In some ways my … Continue reading

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