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Conference Presentations

I will be presenting at the Western Kentucky University Mathematics Symposium this Friday and Saturday and have been working on my presentation. I have seen many speakers using Beamer, but I had not yet explored it.

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To Get or Not to Get a Job?

Considering that the career you wanted to have in the mathematical sector is not possible for many reasons (maybe you don’t have the degree you wanted, or you have the degree but not an employer to work for), what would … Continue reading

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Things You Should Do Before Your Last Year

I’ve started to worry about applying for jobs and finishing my dissertation, even though two years seems like a lot of time. But in a year from now, one short little year, I will be applying for jobs. Watching those … Continue reading

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Organizing my organizations

As a graduate student for the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to have an a free or significantly reduced fee membership for the AMS, MAA, Association for Women in Mathematics, Association for Computing Machinery and SIAM. While I … Continue reading

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My summer doing math on the beach in Thailand

I took a leave of absence in the spring quarter, in order to focus on my graduate research. So from March to June I stayed put, and averaged 38 hours per week of productive math – on a beach in … Continue reading

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