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LaTeX online editor

Have you ever had a need for a LaTeX editor but you are not near a computer that has it installed? Have you ever wished that you could just edit documents in your browser (perhaps because you just got a … Continue reading

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Collaboration Distance

People often like calculating their Erdos number. I recently found MathSciNet’s “Collaboration Distance” tool, and had some fun looking how far away I was from some of my friends.

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NSF Statistics on Time to Degree for Doctoral Recipients

I recently was browsing a forum where someone was wondering if it was worth starting a career in mathematics in their early 30s and linked was a page where the National Science Foundation listed some interesting statistics as to time … Continue reading

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Exam Studying

The vast majority of my summer will be spent studying for my qualifying exams in analysis and algebra. The point of this post is to essentially beg for any advice that those of you who have passed have in studying … Continue reading

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Mathematics – A survival guide

In Peter Casazza’s note “A Mathematician’s Survival Guide” he comments on many stereotypes that mathematicians have both within the community and to the outside world. While it is 18 pages long, the note is a well written and a fairly … Continue reading

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