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Broadening Scholarship

by Brian Katz What is your job as a graduate student? I think the answers to this question that you’ll hear floating down the halls differ substantially, depending in part on the definition of scholarship at your institution. And these … Continue reading

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Summer School and Workshops

By Brian Simanek When the academic year ends, some graduate students have considerable freedom in how and where they choose to spend their time.  Some students work, some find teaching positions, and some do research.  These are all good ways … Continue reading

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Overflowing Options

By Kareem Carr I started answering this question from a commentor, BC Reddy: Hi, Could you post a list of all such “Stack overflow” websites that you know… It will be helpful… Thanks In the middle of answering, I realized … Continue reading

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Yet Another Stack Overflow Type Website

By Kareem Carr I was quite surprised to find yet another Stack Overflow type website. This time, the site is about machine learning. Although, not pure mathematics, I felt a few readers would be interested. I am now aware of … Continue reading

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Fresh Perspectives on Picking the Right School

By Kareem Carr At various stages in the academic life cycle, for instance at the undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral level, we find ourselves trying to make a decision about which academic institutions to apply to and which academic institutions we … Continue reading

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