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Discussion of Fields Medalists

There is an interesting post by Terry Tao on some of the work of this year’s Fields Medal Winners.

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Fields Medalists for 2010

Elon Lindenstrauss Ngô Bảo Châu Stanislav Smirnov Cédric Villani

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MathOverflow and Beyond

By Kareem Carr For those who may not be aware, Stack Overflow is the popular question-and-answer site where people can ask and answer programming related questions. It works on a points system.  Points are awarded for both asking and answering … Continue reading

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Collaborative Mathematics in the NYT

By Kareem Carr An intriguing article, which ties together the recent debate over a proof by Vinay Deolalikar of Hewlett-Packard and the emergence of collaborative mathematics online has appeared on the New York Times site. It might be fair to … Continue reading

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