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Optimizing your teaching

By Diana Davis As a mathematician by nature and by trade, I like to approach the world in terms of trying to optimize things: minimizing the time I spend walking to the math department in order to maximize the amount … Continue reading

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Beyond Rigor

By Kareem Carr At first, I saw mountains as mountains and rivers as rivers. Then, I saw mountains were not mountains and rivers were not rivers. Finally, I see mountains again as mountains, and rivers again as rivers. source

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Cheating and Learning in the Modern Context

By Kareem Carr I feel that we are rapidly approaching a future where the maxim, ‘Cheaters only cheat themselves’, obtains. I have, of late, come to understand, perhaps only in small part, the prodigious resources open to the modern mathematical … Continue reading

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When Your Students Cheat

By Kareem Carr One of the least favorable aspects of formal teaching for me is the phenomena of cheating. It puts me in a role that I am least interested in pursuing. That is to say, I have to wield … Continue reading

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Outside Your Specialty

By Brian Simanek When it comes time to sign up for classes, I always wonder if I should continue to focus on taking classes most relevant to my research or if I should take some time and learn some advanced … Continue reading

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