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Flash mob video from 2013 Joint Meetings

The flash mob was a great success, with some small groups making and unknotting human knots, and then all the groups coming together to make a big connected sum. The big connected sum ended up being a single knot, rather … Continue reading

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Flash human knot untangling at JMM in January

Breaking news! To celebrate the AMS’s 125-year anniversary, we will do a “flash mob”-style event at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego in January. Small groups of 5-6 people will form, reach out and grasp hands to form “human … Continue reading

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Dance your math PhD

When I heard that there was a contest to explain your PhD thesis through dance, I knew that I had to do it. I spent a few months thinking about how to turn my theorem into a compelling dance, and … Continue reading

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Become your own taskmaster

I work really well when someone tells me what to do. “Read this paper,” “think about this idea,” “see if your graph can be embedded on a sphere, rather than the plane” — with such instruction, I can be very … Continue reading

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Submitting a paper online

by Diana Davis Last month, I posted about how to publish a paper. Shortly thereafter, I submitted a paper and found that the process was not exactly like I said it would be. I wrote that you should send a … Continue reading

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