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Open Thread

By Kareem Carr This is your chance to have your say.  If you have a question, a general comment or something you would like to us write about, let us know.

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NYTimes Column

by Andrew Obus In case people aren’t aware, Steven Strogatz of Cornell University has been writing a very nice column for the online version of the New York Times over the last few weeks, explaining math to the masses.  He … Continue reading

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First Clay Mathematics Institute Millenium Prize Awarded

By Kareem Carr Dr. Grigoriy Perelman has received the first Millennium Prize for his work resolving the Poincaré conjecture. Congratulations to Dr. Perelman. A biography of Dr. Perelman, Perfect Rigor by Masha Gessen, was recently reviewed by the Graduate Student … Continue reading

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Time for PhD?

by Soojung Shin On the internet I read that half of all graduate students in the US are over 30. I was wondering if there are many jobs that allow you to take time off to get a PhD degree. … Continue reading

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Choosing a graduate school

By Diana Davis Now is the time when college seniors across the country are receiving their graduate school application decisions: accepted or rejected? Or perhaps wait-listed? And after you’ve received those coveted acceptances, you have to decide between them. How … Continue reading

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