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The Math of Elections

It seems like all anybody can talk about right now is the election. And while it has definitely given me a lot to think about in terms of political, cultural, and social problems in America, there’s also some interesting and potentially … Continue reading

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What is a Manifold? (2/6)

We continue from Part One of this journey our attempt to illustrate how one can start with calculus and arrive at the definition of a 1-dimensional manifold. In the previous segment, we concluded with the fact that a curve in  may … Continue reading

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“A Game With Mirrors”

Throughout my grad school experience, from conference registration forms and university-wide surveys to actual grad school applications themselves, I have often run into the following question: Always making me think: Why is this still a thing?

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What is a manifold? Yet another article! (1/6)

Why (yet) another article? There are competing theories online about possible interpretations of John von Neumann’s quote, but manifolds are definitely some mathematics that “you don’t understand … you just get used to them,” — at least for a while. In a series of … Continue reading

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A New Addition!

DJ Bruce will be joining our editorial board as a managing editor! Definitely take some time out of what is sure to already be a busy semester to check out his awesome posts about bias in academia, picking a grad school, … Continue reading

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