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Lately I have been watching the CBS show NUMB3RS. I came across an interesting website with information regarding the math used in the episodes. It can be found at (Thinking about the math behind the show makes me feel … Continue reading

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Wolfram|Alpha Pro

On Sunday, I posted about changes in Wolfram|Alpha. Today, Wolfram released Wolfram|Alpha Pro. Their blog says, Starting today, everyone has access to Wolfram|Alpha Pro at Unlike the “tourist” version of Wolfram|Alpha, though, you have to log in, and, yes, to … Continue reading

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Wolfram|Alpha Changes

If you are anything like me, you have forgotten a lot of your differential equations material. I have had several students ask me for help in d.e. and I have to get out my old notes and books and try … Continue reading

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Calling all Combintorex!

The 8th annual Graduate Students Combinatorics Conference (GSCC8) will be held April 13th-15th at the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign. Registration is open, and today is the last day to apply for funding. The GSCC conferences are a great … Continue reading

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