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How to publish a paper

By Diana Davis So you’ve done some good research, you’ve written it up into a paper, and you’ve chosen a journal. What now? A friend of mine was recently in this situation, so I thought I’d share what he learned.

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Brian Simanek I recently learned of a great online resource for helping me with LaTex syntax. The website is called Detexify. The main attraction is that it is so easy to use; you don’t need to sift through hundreds of … Continue reading

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Simple Math

by Tyler Clark My mom recently made a sock monkey for me. I was just so excited that I set out on a search to find math related to sock monkeys. Of course, on my way, I got distracted. You … Continue reading

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Conference Listings?

by Branden Stone Graduate students are constantly advised to attend conferences. If you do a quick search on this blog, you will find some encouraging articles describing the benefits of going to a conference. That being said, one thing everyone … Continue reading

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Don’t be too Risk Averse

by Kareem Carr Graduate students are notoriously frugal. Although this is sometimes an economic necessity, in some ways I think we are a little too frugal. One of the ways that this frugality manifests, and that I find most prevalent, … Continue reading

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