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Mathematics on Reddit

By Kareem Carr Reddit is a social news website where users can use voting to determine the rank of different news stories. The users provide the links. Additionally, there are sections on different topics. Of relevance to math grad blog … Continue reading

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Diversity and Mathematics

By Kareem Carr In preparation for a wider discussion on racial, gender, and ethnic diversity and of persons with disabilities in American mathematics, I have been doing some reading.  The number of relevant groups is much larger than I had … Continue reading

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Martin Garder and Walter Rudin

By Kareem Carr Both Martin Gardner and Walter Rudin died last week. Although I have never met either man, both had a profound effect on my development as a mathematical person. I am sure that this is true for many … Continue reading

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MIT or Suicide !?

By Kareem Carr The Peoples Archive was the subject of my last article article, and, as I said there, it provides a chance to get a really intimate portrait of what it means to spend your life doing science or … Continue reading

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Insights into Scholarly Living

By Kareem Carr The Peoples Archive is an online video archive where people who have achieved some success in their lives discuss in detail their life stories. The original focus was science and so, lucky for us, many of these … Continue reading

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