Martin Garder and Walter Rudin

By Kareem Carr

Both Martin Gardner and Walter Rudin died last week. Although I have never met either man, both had a profound effect on my development as a mathematical person. I am sure that this is true for many in the mathematical community. Martin Gardner wrote recreational mathematical articles of the sort that could, with the skill of a mystery writer, deploy pearls of mathematical intrigue that bit by bit would ensnare the reader in the wonder of numbers. His writing ignited and nurtured a passion for mathematics in a thirteen year old boy, a flame that continues to burn brightly. Rudin wrote some of the most beloved and well-read textbooks in all of mathematics. They are certainly among my favorites. Both men have done a lot to advance the understanding and appreciation for mathematics. In so doing, they have earned the admiration and gratitude of many. May they rest in peace.

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