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WW2 Computerettes

While I was procrastinating the other day, I came across a documentary entitled Top Secret Rosies: Female computers of WW2. Now, I am competent enough to know that “computers” referred to people. During World War II it was largely women … Continue reading

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Math Jokes

I think we could all use a little laughter to help us continue through our studying. I was reading through Carrie Eaton’s Twitter (!/mathprofcarrie) page yesterday and found a quite humorous joke. , and were in a bar. looked sad. … Continue reading

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Disaster Strikes

So my trusty MacBook has been on the way out for a week or so. While on vacation, I got the modern equivalent of a sad mac face, the question mark of doom.

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Dissonance in the Classroom

I’m currently TA for two sections, one at 12:30 and another at 2:30. The other day, the students had a midterm from 11-12. They didn’t yet have a new homework assigment, so the instructor asked me to answer questions from … Continue reading

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Student Oral/Take-home Exams

by Katz If I had to condense my teaching philosophy into one phrase it would be something like the following: The practice that students do and the evaluation of their progress should match the context of the goal skill/attitude/behavior as … Continue reading

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