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How I help my Students overcome their Fears, create a Supportive Classroom, and get Students to ask Good Questions

During my five years of teaching experience as a teaching assistant including teaching, grading and math tutoring at Washington State University (WSU) and American University of Sharjah (AUS), I have noticed that many students are not motivated because they are … Continue reading

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Exchanging Math for Fake Internet Points

As a fourth-year grad student in math at the University of Minnesota, I spend a lot of time thinking about math problems, but I get worn out when I think about the same problem for too long. Sometimes it can … Continue reading

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Human nature, how we teach math, and the birthday problem

I’ve spent a few weeks wondering what I can write about for my first post here. I’m a first-year PhD student with an endless supply of questions but without much wisdom or insight to share yet about my short graduate … Continue reading

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How to Have a Great Math Staycation

Thanksgiving is this week and the holidays are right around the corner, which means most of us will be getting several weeks off from formal grad school requirements.  But the time off is good for much more than just plentiful eating, quality … Continue reading

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Documenting the Academic Job Search – Part II

(Read Part I here.) In a recent descent into a web-browsing shame spiral, I discovered a simple piece of advice on the Chronicle Forums: Apply for the dang job! The number and variety of postings on MathJobs makes it easy … Continue reading

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