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How to get a teaching recommendation

by Diana Davis The short answer: Ask, and ask now! The longer answer: If you want to have a teaching recommendation (or two or three) in hand by the time you are applying for a job, you should plan ahead. … Continue reading

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Math is not linear!

by Tyler Clark Some time ago I came across Prezi, a rather neat presentation software. Its effects go beyond that of Microsoft PowerPoint. They have a search feature on their website and I of course (being a math junkie) searched … Continue reading

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By Brian Simanek One key Statistic often used to evaluate the status of failing schools is illiteracy rates.  Of course it is commonly accepted that all children beyond a certain age should be able to read.  However, receiving far less … Continue reading

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Spaced Math Repetition

by Derek Smith Yesterday I was in Denny’s entertaining my nieces when they showed me a math game on Nintendo DS. The game reminded me of an article I read in Wired a while ago about an application called Super … Continue reading

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Babysitting code…

by Angelean Hendrix Quick question, am I the only working on Christmas Eve? ¬†Yeah, I’m pretty pitiful… But, I was thinking, as I’m babysitting fminsearch on Matlab for the last 48 hours… What can I do with the time…Ok, so … Continue reading

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