Babysitting code…

by Angelean Hendrix

Quick question, am I the only working on Christmas Eve?  Yeah, I’m pretty pitiful…

But, I was thinking, as I’m babysitting fminsearch on Matlab for the last 48 hours…

What can I do with the time…Ok, so I’m smart enough to come up with an idea for 48 straight a hours, but sometimes I have code that only runs for 10 min @ a time.  What then?  It’s not enough time to focus my brain on anything substantial, especially since it’s consumed by the task at hand.

I can only update Facebook so often before people start questioning my sanity. So, a few days ago, while most sane people were heading home, I went in to my office to take advantage of uninterrupted research hours.  Long, quiet, research hours.  By the time lunch time came, I decided I needed to take advantage of the accumulation of ten-minute quiet blocks I had.  I went to the grocery store to pick up something to eat, and guess what was next door… a yarn store!!!!!

I was inspired, and in only the last few days (with A LOT of help on  youtube)  I have taught myself to knit!  Yes!  I’m a knitter now.  You can pick it up for 5-10 min @ a time, and save a ton on gifts.

That’s my suggestion, in case anyone needs one.  I would love to hear other hobbies picked up to fill code babysitting time.  Who knows, you could inspire someone!

Here’s hoping you are all having a great break, and getting rested for the new semester!

Toodles 😉

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