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Making a Difference… One Math Department at a Time

There have been countless times that I have wondered to myself how I got here. By here, I mean: a first-generation woman of color navigating her way through a doctoral program in mathematics. As I reflect on my personal and … Continue reading

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A Letter to the Professors

Dear professors,  First, let me start by thanking each professor for all of the hard work they’ve put in guiding students throughout our academic careers. Thank you for spending countless hours writing our shining letters of recommendation, giving us your … Continue reading

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Motivation to Finish the Ph.D.

Ph.D. programs in the mathematical sciences frequently take five or more years to complete. After finishing all required coursework and focusing solely on research for a while, it can become challenging to find motivation to complete the doctoral degree. Without … Continue reading

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What I needed to hear, but no one said

Currently, I am in the second year of my PhD program at Emory University. In 2018, after graduating from my undergraduate institution with a double major in mathematics and English writing, I began attending Wake Forest University for my masters … Continue reading

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Running Office Hours

Of all the advice I’ve received in my mathematical career, precisely none of it had anything to do with the subject of office hours. So here’s some advice I wish I’d been given on the matter: Figure out what sort … Continue reading

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