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Alexis Newton is a second year Ph.D. student at Emory University studying computational number theory. She earned her master's degree at Wake Forest University. She is also an instructor for Emory Math Circle and a co-organizer for Emory's weekly graduate student seminar in algebra and number theory. Outside of the math department, Alexis enjoys reading, writing, and playing with her cat Alfie.

What I needed to hear, but no one said

Currently, I am in the second year of my PhD program at Emory University. In 2018, after graduating from my undergraduate institution with a double major in mathematics and English writing, I began attending Wake Forest University for my masters … Continue reading

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Midterm studying advice I could have used a week ago

For many, midterms have already passed by, but if you are as unlucky as I, then maybe you have one more just around the corner. Whether this be a midterm you are taking or one you are grading, the advice … Continue reading

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