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Campus Interviews: The Money Round

by Tom Wright In the last couple of months, this blog seems to have taken more of a turn toward “ruminations of mathematicians,” so I figured that it was time to shake things up with a good old professional advice … Continue reading

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Shared Teaching Methods

By Brian Simanek Many mathematicians, both students and faculty, are constantly looking for ways to become more effective teachers.  I have attended TA training sessions but much of the instruction was devoted to rules and policies and not effective teaching.  … Continue reading

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Math, Communication, and Kids

by Branden Stone Any scientist who couldn’t explain to an eight-year-old what he was doing was a charlatan. From Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut As a graduate student, one of my favorite things to do is solve interesting problems. It … Continue reading

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Math T-shirts

by Tyler Clark Whew!! Time seems to be going so quick these days. I periodically get emails from Cafe Press regarding different deals they have. On Pi Day, they sent out a special offer. Of course, being the math nerd … Continue reading

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From When She Was Kissed by the Mathematician

by Kareem Carr Adam’s post reminded me of a series of poems called “Four Poems from When She Was Kissed by the Mathematician” by Sandra M. Gilbert. They are behind a pay-wall, but most students should have access. They can … Continue reading

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